About Us

Our mission and vision for the Charlotte Salsa Invitational

Our vision of our Annual Charlotte Salsa Invitational is to be a grand extravaganza of Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba Stars performing for you, parties to celebrate, and dance workshops to expand your knowledge and skills.

Join us for this very special weekend in the Queen City of Charlotte.

Creators and Organizers:

Rodrigo & Wendy Jimenez, Directors

The directors, instructors and performers of the company founded over 9 years ago which started as “Charlotte Salsa”, teaching local Salsa lessons and performing at various festivals and events around Charlotte. Through the years “Charlotte Salsa” started becoming more involved with communities in other cities and states, traveling and performing at different Salsa & Bachata Congresses and Festivals. Being able to connect with world-renowned artists around the country became the primary inspiration to create their own big scale event right here in Charlotte. Since Rodrigo & Wendy teach and perform other styles of dance such as Argentine Tango, Bachata, Flamenco and Kizomba, besides Salsa, a new name was created “R&W Latin Dance Company”. R&W Latin Dance continues teaching and performing locally as well as with Schools and Universities, they also travel around the country and abroad. They continue training with world Salsa and Bachata champions as well as with renowned Dancers & Choreographers from around the world in the various dance styles. Their mission is to bring our communities together dance, music and culture! 


Eric Canino,  Director of Operations

Eric brings his passion for dance and event planning to the Charlotte Salsa Invitational.  Although he has taught and performed for (RW) Charlotte Salsa in the past, his true talents lie in his ability to organize and manage events.  He is the founder of Nino Productions Unlimited and has worked as a co-organizer of the Charlotte Salsa Invitational since the first one was held in 2009.  In his role as Director of Operations some of his responsibilities have included consulting on every aspect of event, problem solving any issue that may arise and making critical decisions when needed, overseeing the event goals, objectives, priorities and work plans and defining strategies for marketing and public relations.

Eric has also co-organized Noche Cubana, The Salsa Kings Competition and the American Bachata Master.  He has worked on the stage productions Frida and Tierra A La Vista.  He has worked as the stage manager for Miss Gay Latina and Fiesta Latina held in Asheville, NC and the Carolina Carnival held in Charlotte NC.

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